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All Residents/Homeowners in Grove Estates:

Due to COVID-19 the annual meeting is postponed until further notice.

To Schedule A Blue Stream Installation Appointment Call: 954-282-6579

               Notice: 2022 Budget meeting is on November 4 at 7:00 pm in the Grand Palms Office, 901 Sabal Palm Drive.

 The Association’s management company is  Miami Management and the lawn care company is 100% Landscaping.  Miami Management monitors Association emails for homeowner inquiries.

 Whole community tree trimming was completed in August/ September 2021.

Any homeowner wanting Board meeting minutes or Community questions, please email Corinne at

 Please be advised that when you request any landscape changes or replacements, as required by homeowner documents; Queen, Fishtail & Areca palms plus Ficus hedges, Pongam trees and Bamboo are no longer allowed for plantingThe costs required to keep these plant species healthy and aesthetically appealing negatively impacts our monthly budget.  If planted they will be removed by the Association at the homeowner’s expense and/or subject the homeowner to fines.

Any vehicle(s) with tires on the grass are deemed to be parked on the grass, a violation of the parking policy and are then subject to be TOWED.  Remember to inform your guests of the policy and avoid the embarrassing situation of their vehicle(s) being gone when they attempt to leave your house! 

All residents are reminded that City of Pembroke Pines Waste removal containers (emptied Tuesday and Friday am) and Recycle containers (emptied Tuesdays), as well as bulk items must be properly stored (OUT OF SIGHT FROM ROAD AND NEIGHBORS) until after 5pm prior to collection day and returned to proper storage (excluding bulk) before end of collection day (11:59pm). Grove Estates Homeowners Board

December 1, 2021

No events scheduled for today!